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Comes complete with a massive 400ml of ink - equivalent in volume to 44 Canon IP2700 standard fill ink tanks, with ongoing running costs of just £0.54 per cartridge, auto reset chips, drivers not required for the Canon IP2700 and comes with instruction manual. Due to regional Zoning of cartridge chips by Canon this product only works on printers bought in Europe
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CIS-PG 510-d
Canon Dye Ink

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About Continuous Ink Flow Systems for Canon IP2700 printers | Dye Ink

Please note our IP2700 continuous ink systems are not made by Canon this is a registered trademark and we use the term for descriptive purposes only.

Continuous ink flow for the Canon IP2700

Continuous ink systems for the Canon IP2700 are a great alternative to normal everyday ink cartridges, they are easy to install and run and offer the user great quality prints and a massive reduction and cost saving on there everyday printing costs.

They act as an ink flow system delivering the ink down the ink lines to your IP2700 ink tanks, the IP2700 ink tanks insert into your printer as normal these are connected by tubes to external ink flow system reservoirs which sit at the side of your IP2700 printer.

They replace the CL 511, CL513, PG 510, PG512 and the running costs are just £0.54 per ink tank .

When the ink is used in the Canon IP2700 ink tank it is automatically topped up from the external continuous ink flow.

When the colour runs out on the external bulk ink flow system you can buy bulk ink in a bottle to refill.

We offer an industry leading 12 month warranty on our IP2700 continuous ink flow systems because we have great confidence in our .

Our systems and ink are well known throughout the UK and Europe to be stable reliable products that produce vibrant prints at a low cost, we get a lot of feedback from customers regarding our ink quality and it is great to hear when they tell us they have won prizes in photography competitions from using our ink for the IP2700 continuous ink system.

FotoRite ® IP2700 continuous ink system ink will produce excellent results with a good range of tones and is used by 1000's of customers including professional and amateur photographers across the globe.

This premium grade FotoRite ® Dye base IP2700 continuous ink flow system for Canon is one of the best ink flow systems around filled, assembled and made with the best quality components from top manufacturers from around the world.

The key features of this FotoRite ® IP2700 ink flow system for Canon include

It’s lightweight and does not require much room at the side of your IP2700 printer, it’s very easy to install from the manual and takes around 20 minutes.

To refill the machine you just take the large plug out and pour it in from then on you can save hundreds of pounds on your printing costs with a IP2700 continuous ink supply for Canon.

In summary by purchasing this product you will get one of the best IP2700 bulk ink supply systems around for Canon printers, a good quality ink for the IP2700 Printer for Canon, a system that wont break the bank and 12 months peace of mind warranty.


Made by:
Printer Model:
Canon IP2700
Also Compatible with:
Ink Type:
Dye Ink
Chip Type:
Auto reset
Black, Color
CL 511, CL513, PG 510, PG512
Please note comparisons are averages and based on the content of std fill original ink tanks.
Bundle Deal Is Equivalent to approximately:
11.0 Black, 33.0 Color = 44 ink tanks in total.
Running Costs per cartridge:
To fully refill the system with 400ml of ink costs under £23.76 which makes the running cost per ink tanks less than £0.54 pence.
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