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Substantially reduce your printing costs with a Continuous Ink System

If your company performs a lot of printing then you simply have to start using a continuous ink system. Businesses that print a lot of documents and photographs regularly report savings of up to 80% after making the switch!

Continuous Ink Supply Systems (CISS) are the ground-breaking, bulk ink alternative to using traditional ink cartridges and work with all major printer models, including those from Epson, HP, Canon, Brother and Kodak.
Continuous Ink Systems
For All Major Printer

How does a Continuous Ink System work?

Unlike off-the-shelf ink cartridges, continuous ink systems don’t run out after printing a few hundred sheets. A continuous ink system uses a set of large ink tanks that are connected directly to the print-head nozzles, bypassing the need for cartridges and offering non-stop, high quality printing.

The tanks are refillable from ink bottles, which we also stock and fit most printers, such as Epson, Kodak, HP, Canon and Brother. Using a continuous ink supply system means you don’t have to regularly replace expensive inkjet cartridges but can still enjoy the brilliant colours and print continuity that they provide.

Bulk and continuous ink of the highest quality

As the name suggests, we are a continuous ink specialist that offers a wide range of bulk inks, refillable ink cartridges and continuous ink systems that can shave thousands of pounds from your printing costs.

Having been in the printing industry for many years, we know a good system and a quality ink when we see it. Our UK based team conducts on-going tests on new systems and inks from around the world, to make sure we only stock the very best. You will not find any cheap, substandard products or inks for sale on this site.

The FotoRite ® range of continuous ink systems we offer are:
  • Very easy to install and refill
  • Compatible with most printers
  • Durable and manufactured using superior materials
The bulk inks we supply offer:
  • Brilliant ranges of colour
  • Consistent printing output
  • A huge saving over traditional inkjet cartridges
All of our products come with a 12 month warranty and all continuous ink systems come with lifetime support.

If you want to spend less money on ink and less time swapping ink cartridges then purchase a Continuous Ink System on this website or call us on 01332 347773 for further information.

Please note that the bulk ink and continuous ink systems available on this website are not manufactured by Kodak, HP, Epson, Canon, Brother or any other named brand. The names are only used for descriptive purposes, highlighting printers they are compatible with.
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